Run, Walk or Bike 2,021 Miles in 2021

Quite possibly the TOUGHEST Challenge yet.

Begins January 1, 2021.


You can RUN, WALK, and/or BIKE this challenge and you'll have until December 31, 2021 to complete it.

SOLO CHALLENGER: You must complete ALL the miles entirely on your own between January 1st and December 31st.


TEAM CHALLENGER: You can have a team of up to 6 people and your miles will be divided up to complete the goal. Teams must complete the challenge between January 1st and December 31st. Each team member will receive their own Medal and Goods in the mail!

ENTRY PRICE: $49 per person & includes:
- Huge MAGNET Finisher's Medal

- 2021 Challenger Running Buff

- SUPER SOFT Long Sleeve Shirt

- Ultima Replenisher 6 flavor Sample Pack!
- Mileage Tracking for Individuals and Teams

- Digital Bibs & Finisher's Certificates

- Prizes for Top Finishers
- Free shipping (USA only)

Your Finisher's Medal

2 high powered MAGNETS on the back!

Your Running Buff & Race Shirt!

Super soft race shirt & breathable running neck gaiter


Miles from all other Challenges & Races WILL COUNT towards this goal! 


If you'd like to complete this with your fitness buddies, you can create a team for up to 6 people! You can name your team anything you'd like. The mileage tracking system will keep track of your team's total miles and time. When one of your teammates logs their miles and time for the day or week, the tracking system will automatically add those miles to your team's total.


Your miles will be COMBINED...meaning your team will split up the 2,021 miles. 


Team of 2 = 2.76 miles per day per person for 365 days

Team of 3 = 1.84 miles per day per person for 365 days

Team of 4 = 1.38 miles per day per person for 365 days

Team of 5 = 1.1 miles per day per person for 365 days

Team of 6 = .92 miles per day per person for 365 days

Please note, that challengers may complete more than that per day, this is just to give you an idea of what the minimums are to complete the challenge by December 31st.


You can choose to run, walk and/or bike this challenge. It's a LOT of miles over the year, so you can choose different activities to complete your challenge.


Permitted Activities to complete the Run/Walk/Bike Division:

  • Running

  • Walking

  • Biking

  • Stationary Bike

  • Treadmills

  • Rollerblades/skates

  • Ellipticals

  • Sports (tennis, basketball, soccer)

  • Swimming & Rowing

  • Snowshoeing 

Permitted Activities to complete the Run/Walk Division:

  • Running

  • Walking

  • Hiking

  • Biking

  • Stationary Bike

  • Treadmills

**Make sure you select the proper division when you register. The Run/Walk/Bike division is an all fitness division that allows multiple activities to earn mileage.


FREE shipping for USA orders. Once your package is shipped, you'll receive an email with a tracking number. Packages will be shipped in March or April 2021. We recommend that you do not open package until you complete the challenge.


For tracking your distance and time, you can use whatever app or system that works best for you (Garmin, MapMyRun, Strava, etc). Once you register, you'll be able to MANUALLY log all of your miles through your RunSignUp account until you complete the challenge. We'll track your progress and you can see how all the other participants are doing as well. Leaderboard will be based on distance, not pace! This is about endurance, not speed. To keep it flexible for all of the participants, we are not requiring you to sync or upload your .FIT or GPX files! Your mileage entries will be manual and you can use whatever tracking or fitness app you'd like. Upon completion, you may print your Certificate and open your Medal package!


Tag us on FB/IG @VirtualRunLife or email us your running photo! We 


2,021 miles over 12 months. Can be completed solo or with a team of up to 6 people.

RUN Life is an LLC based in Bandon, Oregon and promotes and organizes virtual runs and challenges. 

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